Rewilding the Memory

As part of the Project Space Festival Berlin 2019 we will present on the 19th of June a performance night under the title 'rewilding the memory'.

19.06.2019 - 9 PM to 11 PM

Marion-Grafin-Dönhoff Platz, 10117 Berlin

Participating artists:

Alessandro Rasuchmann

Natalia Korotyaeva

Eva Vuillemin

Eric Winkler

Kosei Takasaki

'rewilding' is used in terms of nature as to bring wildlife back to natural spaces taken over by humans. Now, science says, that memory can’t be trusted.

The performance series will question what is left of wilderness in our human condition, but also what does our memory and perception of reality says. It can be understood as an evaluation of what this can mean in times where many species are close to extinction. Where do we position ourselves today, trapped in new media devices where we seek a natural earth binding experience? Are we the ones that need to be 'rewilded'? What aspect does our memory play in this process?

Under these circumstances, we will propose not to give answers or guidance, but to question. It is not about the right answers, but about the right questions.

The participating artists will develop performances with different mediums, by exchanging their thoughts and output in the space to fusion into one experience. It will function as a catalytic converter to activate the surrounding space around the theme of rewilding.



The fifth Project Space Festival Berlin focuses entirely on its informal forces and seeks unexpected alliances with the city's protagonists and their contested terrains. Instead of a journey to the project spaces of the city, the festival visits their neighborhoods.

This year's international edition of the Project Space Festival will take place under the title When The Hunger Starts from June 1-30, 2019 at public places in Berlin that change daily. With their open, translocal and often virtually transferred spatial practices, 29 project spaces were invited to have their events take place outside their own spaces or familiar environments. With this undertaking the participants relocate their program to the fabric of the city for a maximum of 24 hours.

Over 120 artists are participating in the 30 planned interventions in Berlin's urban space. Their exhibitions, discussions, tours and performances were conceived by twenty Berlin project spaces and, for the first time, nine project spaces from Istanbul (Poşe), Klaipeda (si:said gallery), London (Ginny), Prague (Berlinskej Model), Moscow (TZVETNIK), Riga (427), Vilnius (Editorial), Vienna (GOMO) and Wroclaw (Cave).

Participating project spaces 2019 :

+DEDE I 427 I Arts of the Working Class I Ashley I Berlinskej Model I Cave I Crybaby I Coven Berlin I Dzialdov I Editorial I EVBG I Ginny I GOMO I Horse & Pony I Italic I Limbo I Panke Gallery I Poşe I Room E-10 27 I Si:Said Gallery I State of the Art I stay hungry I Storage Capacité I The Institute for Endotic Research I The Mycological Twist I TZVETNIK I Urlaub Projects I Very I When the Image is New The World is New

When the Hunger Starts is curated by the Project Space Kreuzberg Pavillon with the support of the Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs and Europe. Project Space Festival Berlin was founded by the insitu collective in 2014. An accompanying publication appears in the latest issue of the street magazine Arts of the Working Class and within the next few weeks on

Artistic director : Heiko Pfreundt, Lisa Schorm (Kreuzberg Pavillon) | Assistance : Amelie Jakubek | Editor : Feben Amara | Press: Penny Rafferty, Larissa Friedrich | Design: Richard Bakeš (Berlinskej Model) | Website: Eduard Bakeš | Budgeting: Anna Bromley